Monday, April 13, 2009

Up to date

I haven't been blogging for a long time now. I think I should catch up on my stuffs now. Since almost everything is almost done and it is coming to the end of my time in High School. But then, I heard there is more events that is gonna come up soon. So I will really want to try to make space for myself and also those events. I have like tons of homework and work not done yet around the house and it is really messy all around. I have been going out a lot lately and had no time for myself to do those things. I would really want to make my blog up to date but I am just sometimes too lazy when I have the time. I would rather surf the net and wasting my time. I will make myself not be lazy now. Hehe. I wish I could and I can. Just try right? There are so many events that I wanna blog about and do up my blog like put in new links and friends but I have no time yet. Let me settle things down first and then I can blog what was been happening. =)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Today my friends which took SPM last year took their results today. Met many of them in school. Said hi and stuffs. And yeah. One of my friend said to us as in my friends and me together. Said that next year might be just your turn. Well, its no turning back. Maybe what Azzat wrote is true. Once you have made your decision. There is no turning back. There is like less than 7 months if im not mistaken till the final exam. Im feeling worried as in if i would have no place to go if i didnt do well in that exam. Well, many people want me to do well by not asking or talking to me often now. They are just leaving me behind till my SPM is over. Thats a good thing for me. Many of my friends got quite ok results I guess? Some got full straight A's. Wonder if I would do it too ? It would be snowing if I would to get those results. Im nervous right now. Im nervous everyday about the results or SPM that im gonna sit for. I wanna work hard. But I still delay my time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a waste of time.

Today. One of my friend really does piss me off with his attitude and things which he liked to drag things for a long long time before doing it properly or completing it. I really hate those kind of people who will just drag the time and give me the answer as if my time is worth for theirs. This friend of mine is a very afraid of his parents for some reason. If he wanted to go somewhere or he wanted to go out with his friends to somewhere. He would not dare to ask for permission until he found a way to ask like indirectly asking or he wont confront them. I was like.. dude.. you are already sixteen going on seventeen. Are you like suppose to make your own decisions now ? Are you supposed to grow up and be responsible for everything you wanna do and don't let others control you? Come on you are getting older day by day. And you are stuck here with your parents which makes decisions for you. Yeah. My other friend and I have tolerated you for a real long time. Just that, we didnt want to tell you or embarass you infront of your so called "friends". We just kept quiet for this 4 years all together since we were friends since form 1 we entered our school. Imagine how much patience and tolerance we have to put up with you just because of what you did. I really cant take it but I always tell myself to just let it go. You are wasting my time and you are delaying the time. It is only 1 week from now and we only have 3 practices to go and you still wanna call me and say I cant go tomorrow. Thats real stupid for me to waste my time for you. I can tell you 80% that we are not able to make it already. I wont mention whose that. Im just gonna let it be. Seriously, wasted like 2 weeks because of you. I got sick because of you. Using so much energy every practice because of you. I cant even do my studies or even do my projects that I got from teacher like months ago because of you all is it because of your damn little "thing" you wanna do. You should grow up and have some guts if you want something from people. Imagine next time when you are already like living by yourself. Are you gonna call your mummy when you have somewhere you wanna go ? Damn. Thats like... or when you wanna get killed are you gonna shout Mummy !? Seriously.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A year passed by.

Yeappp. Finally, Im back to blogging. I am free from all things now. I can have some time for myself now. The year 2008 just ended and a new year of 2009 just began. Its not the same thing this year. The major examination is held this year that is SPM. It decides where I could go or where I could not go. People might say its not important or its important but to me it is. When you dont have anything. And when you have the little things, do whatever you can with the little things so that you could make it into a larger one. Thats what I believe. Even who we are. Or where we are from. We can always perform well and we can go somewhere. Lets take Bill Gates. He didnt finish high school. He dropped out in High School and he did really well now. If he can or if my friend's parents can. Why cant I right? So I just gotta work harder for it. Everything is just on your shoulders. If you wanna take it up you can. If you wanna be lazy and just leave what chances you got you too can do it. Now I know what one of my teacher used to say. I know what he said is true now. I believe in what he say now. His turning 55 next year. His an experienced teacher and also an adult which lived for a long long time now. Last year might be a year of enjoyment and fun. But this year? Its different. Everything changes. After this year I wont be able to go to high school anymore. All the years since form 1 I enjoyed every year and every day I had in school. I can too enjoy this year but I have to focus on my studies too. Major year major examination. I feel quite afraid now. Its only Febuary and I am feeling afraid of failing because I am not quite a good student. And I get low grades for my monthly test. I slacked during form 4 and I have to catch up this year on everything. I hope I can. Well, we will never know ourselves when we try it out right? There is no harm in trying anything. So just put in a little of effort and try to study a little. Dont try to study everything in one time. Slowly and slowly catching up to the other students. The other students in other classes could do it well and could get high marks. Why I cant? Yeap. I got that right. Why cant I do it too? Some of you might look down on me because I really have bad habits now. I am picking up a lot of bad habits. You might look down on me. Anybody can have a lot of bad habits but in the end they are the winners or I can say scorers. My teacher always say we all could get scholarship we all could get scholarship to go to colleges or whatever that is. Well, come to think of it. Why dont I just try my best to get one? It wont kill me or harm me right? Studying is not a waste of time not like playing games on computer or watching too much tv. Studying is something you can take when you grow old, when you have children. To me, God is there to help us go through the path but not give us every answers to our lifes. We have to work hard for our own scores in life. Thats what I think. You all might think it differently. But this is what I think and I am gonna stick to it. I admit I wont have anything when I finish high school. No cash. No business to take over or a house inherited to me. I have nothing I can say that. So its like working from zero percent. So what if I have to do that? I dont mind. I will just build my own company ! I realised things about myself now. I like to drag things around and also cant make a decision fast. I like to delay things around like when I have homeworks. I like to just leave it there to rot and do it later. I guess thats a really bad habit. I keep telling myself that it is just Febuary. Its just the second month of the year. Come to think of it. I only have 9 months more to go till that exam. That one important exam. That one that decides where I go next. Shall I take an action now?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I would like to wish all my fellow friends who are form 5 a very good luck in your SPM examinations. May you do well in your papers and God will watch over you.
Next year would be my turn having SPM. Should I be worried about it ? One of my teachers who teaches me Physics warned all of us that we should be studying during our form 4 holidays. So that we can catch up with our studies for SPM. Form 5 life is gonna change everything. Everything is determined next year. Where our future is gonna be. Where are we heading to. SPM is really important I guess even its a basic to our studies in college? Without it we might just not go anywhere you know. I really want to study further after form 5 but I guess I just cant even with a scholarship in my hands? I would like to try to get one. I am quite scare actually. Im already getting older and older day by day. I feel that fun is gonna be over. It wont be like when we are in primary and form 1 or form 2 where we can take things easily. Form 5 is gonna be real important. Maybe its gonna be just studying. I hope that I wont slack next year. I left one more month before my SPM year starts. I hope that I can catch up with whatever I left behind. I didnt really do well this year because I thought it was just a fun year without any important exams. But after looking through everything. I finally see that form 4 lessons are my basic to SPM. If I dont catch up my form 4 studies. I cant even do form 5. I am currently having problems with my Add Mathematics. Real bad I guess. I wanna do it well next year. It is actually easy. Just that I am too lazy to study and do alot of exercises. I hope that I dont play play with my time next year. It is my last year in high school. I know I will miss that life but I have to move on with life no matter what comes in my way right? Its just life. Good luck people.

Tan Soon Chia.

Firstly, I wanna say thank you to Tan Soon Chia for inviting me to his birthday celebration at Sunway Pyramid. The day started with me waking up thinking needing to go to the hospital for my backbone check up. But then Dad saw the date of my appointment wrongly and then I called up Ah Chia to ask where is he now. And he said that his already on the way to Subang Station in the train. So I asked him to wait for me at Subang Station that I would take a train from Klang Station one. While I was waitting for the train at Klang Station. Janus called me and he said that his with Choi May and he asked me to wait for him so that the 3 of us can go to Subang together as he was joinning Ah Chia too. So the train there took about 30 minutes all together? Met up with them. All together there was Ah Chia, J-Shawn, Jerry, Nush, Ching, Pravind and Jennifer. So we took the bus from the Subang Station to Sunway Pyramid which costs 80cent per person. We reached there and the first thing we went is to buy the movie tickets. I thought they said they were gonna watch Madagascar 2 but then Ah Chia bought James Bond's tickets. And he paid for all of us. Thank you very much Soon Chia. So after that we all went to have our lunch at Nandos. And the food there was delicious but yet very spicy indeed. Before going to Nandos. Janus went to the I Need House to buy condoms for Ah Chia as his birthday present. All of us chipped in money to buy those condoms for him. After eating at Nandos we then sang the birthday song there and people in the restaurant clapped too. And then we took out his birthday present. He opened it up and it was condoms and he was quite suprised. And Janus goes on saying By the age of 16 I got condoms as my present so I think that you need to get condoms when you are 16 too. So Ah Chia cried a little bit after we left Nandos. Har har. And then we went to the cinema as our movie was at 2.30pm. So the movie was ok ok lar. Not that interesting. But the actions were quite cool? As they said Daniel Craig is quite a yeng person? Har har. So after movie we went for pool. And half way of the match I left with Yash, Janus and J-Shawn to go and see Yash's friend, Moon. She was quite friendly indeed. First time meeting her. So went to eat a 5 o clock meal with Moon. And then Janus and Yash decided to left Pyramid to go to Asia Cafe as Mario and his friends were there. So they left and J-Shawn and me joined back with the gang. Then we then left Pyramid to go to Subang to have dinner and Nush and Su Ching also wanted to buy their Dvd's and Dvd Games. So we left by taxi which costs rm14 for two taxis. And then we camped at Mcdonalds for a while waitting for Su Ching and Nush to buy their Dvd's and then we went to the Subang Station and head home. Jerry's sister sent Nush, Jennifer, J-Shawn and me home while Ah Chia was waitting for his dad and Su Ching is getting off at Kampung Raja Uda and Pravind was getting off at Teluk Gadung Station. So the day ended with that and I must say Ah Chia's birthday was all in good timing you know. Not too late and not too messy of a plan. I wanna say thank you to everyone that was there for making it a fun day. But before I went home I went to esso mamak with Janus and Yash to have dinner. But I didnt eat anything there lar. So around 9 plus I reached home.

Tan Soon Chia came in to my class during we were form 3 I think? I dont really remember. As I remember was he came to my class with his friend named Mustaza. He got number 2 if I was not mistaken during form 2 so he got promoted to my class during form 3. At first, I see him but I didnt talked to him. But then my other friends starting talking to him but I was not that close to him yet. He was sitting with one of my friends and I was just two rows behind him. For 2 or 3 months I didnt speak to him until one day we just talked and we became friends. Although he was new to the class but he was really friendly with everyone and willing to make friends with us. He was new to us. After a few months past. He then got closed to us and we started to make him as one of us. I still remember when I was still free. I used to message him on messenger talking to him every night about anything. But there was once we argued and I must admit his a good fighter in aruging no doubt. Har har. No one won. No one lose. It was a draw. I must say I am glad that his around. He might be a bitchy person but he is yet a skinny funny ass. He do stupid things that makes joy. But sadly I didnt get to sit with him in the same class this year. Due to my results and his we were now at a different class which makes us talk less. But still we do go out alot together and we are still close to each other. We are still open. His a open listener whenever you wanna talk to him about your problems. He would tell you things that you dunno yet. And just keeps his mouth quiet for the sake of you. Thats a real good thing about him that you can keep things inside him not he wont split it out. I hope that we can be friends till we leave earth. One day we might be sitting in a kopitiam remembering our young days while we are at an old age. I hope that day comes. I hope that day comes with my gang. All sitting at the kopitiam remembering and talking about our young days together.

Well then,

Su Ching, Jerry, Pravind and Janus.

Tan Soon Chia and Su Ching !

Pravind and Jerry.



J-Shawn !

Su Ching and Jennifer.

Su Ching.

Jerry Lim.

Jennifer Anne.

Pravind and Anus !

Choi May and J-Shawn.

Nushka Lim.

Tan Soon Chia and Lim Chee Kuan.

All of us expect Nush.

Pravind and Janus.

Ong Su Ching, Jerry Lim, Pravind and Anus David.


Tan Soon Chia.

Ah Chia, Anus and Nush.

Ophelia Ong Su Ching.

Tan Soon Chia and Nushka Lim.


Su Ching.


Ah Chia and Nush.

Jennifer Anne.


Soon Chia and his condoms.

The Present.

J-Shawn, Janus and Jerry.



Lim Sin Wei.


Jerry and Janus.

The Balls.

Su Ching.

Ah Chia.

Oh. Now I remember. I think this is the reward for him doing the James Bond stunt. Har har.

Lastly, I would like to wish Tan Soon Chia a very Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It never Ends.

I feel that we are arguing the things that are the same over and over again. Its always the same. But well I am starting to keep quiet more and more. As I am getting real older and I have to take the burden of the family soon. My dad said to me once. My burden is never your burden. Dont worry. But do I look like I have a choice to choose either its mine or not? I dont think so. Even so I have to take up the burden for my dad since his like . . . ? Har har. Today we argued so much that I decided to go to sleep at the noon as I slept for already like 9 hours? So today I slept like most of the time. I had nothing to do. I had no one to talk to. So I just wasted my time sleeping waitting for tomorrow as my work is gonna start. So we argued argued argued everyday almost about the same thing over and over again. I guess its time I move on and keep quiet and let him say what he wants right? At night we argued too. And then he finally said this to me.. "If it was wasnt me, you will still be in a orphanage's house. " Well.. Its true anyway. So I cant deny it. Just watch me DADDY ! I will strike the world ! IN the future of course. Hehe.